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 Oakland Atléticos (79-58)
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Lesionados (ING)

Fecha Jugador Estado
24/8/2014 Sean Doolittle, P Strained right intercostal muscle (on 15-day DL)
24/8/2014 John Jaso, R Concussion (on 7-day DL)
/8/2014 Craig Gentry, JC off 15-day DL
14/8/2014 Jed Lowrie, CC Fractured right index finger (15-day DL)
3/8/2014 Nick Punto, 2ª B Strained right hamstring (on 15-day DL)
28/7/2014 Craig Gentry, JC Broken right hand (15-day DL)
/7/2014 Alberto Callaspo, 3ª B off 15-day DL
/7/2014 Josh Reddick, JD off 15-day DL
/7/2014 Drew Pomeranz, P off 15-day DL
12/7/2014 Alberto Callaspo, 3ª B Strained right hamstring (15-day DL)
/7/2014 Eric O'Flaherty, P off 60-day DL
2/7/2014 Josh Donaldson, 3ª B Back stiffness (day-to-day)
29/6/2014 Josh Reddick, JD Strained right knee (15-day DL)
/6/2014 Josh Reddick, JD off 15-day DL
23/6/2014 Kyle Blanks, 1ª B Strained left calf (on 60-day DL)
17/6/2014 Drew Pomeranz, P Fractured right hand (15-day DL)
/6/2014 Jake Elmore, CC off 60-day DL
8/6/2014 Derek Norris, R Left game- head (day-to-day)
/6/2014 Ryan Cook, P off 15-day DL
1/6/2014 Josh Reddick, JD Hyperextended right knee (15-day DL)
8/5/2014 Ryan Cook, P Right forearm strain (15-day DL)
7/5/2014 Coco Crisp, JC Strained neck (day-to-day)
4/5/2014 Josh Reddick, JD Sprained left ankle (day-to-day)
29/4/2014 Yoenis Céspedes, JI Left hamstring soreness (day-to-day)
/4/2014 Fernando Rodríguez, P off 15-day DL
20/4/2014 Yoenis Céspedes, JI Left game - bruised right heel (day-to-day)
/4/2014 Craig Gentry, JC off 15-day DL
/4/2014 Ryan Cook, P off 15-day DL
28/3/2014 Jake Elmore, CC Strained left quad (60-day DL)
21/3/2014 Ryan Cook, P Right shoulder inflammation (15-day DL)
21/3/2014 Craig Gentry, JC Lower back strain (15-day DL)
21/3/2014 A.J. Griffin, P Right elbow surgery - out for season (on 60-day DL)
21/3/2014 Fernando Rodríguez, P Recovery from right elbow surgery (15-day DL)
20/3/2014 Jarrod Parker, P Right elbow surgery - out for season (on 60-day DL)
17/2/2014 Eric O'Flaherty, P Left elbow surgery (60-day DL)
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